The Transformative Power of the Musical Hamilton

The Transformative Power of the Musical Hamilton

The theatre crowd-puller pf the decade grabbed star performance with 16 Tony nominations. That’s not it, also the Broadway box office hit for the most money bagged in a single week of $3.3 million in New York City in November 2016. According to Forbes, the icing on the cake is the 11 Tony Awards, a Grammy, and the Pulitzer Prize for theatre; it has scooped and earning more than $1 billion. The musical is now available across the United States including shows in Los Angeles.

Hamilton has revolutionized the American theatrical experience. The uniqueness in Hamilton can be attributed to it being the creation of a single man, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who fashioned the music, lyrics, and book regarding the musical. Hamilton is a harmonious blend of American history with current politics, and each song veneers the musical past with the musical present – amassing hyperbolic praise, which is fitting in all ways.

Validated the burgeoning of hip-hop and rap

“Holler if Ya Hear Me” fiasco had cast a suspicious glance on Broadway and its acceptance of contemporary sounds. In comparison, Hamilton is not entirely a hip-hop musical, yet an amalgamation of pop, rock, jazz, the American songbook, and show tunes. And Hamilton has been aesthetically appealing and commercially lucrative.

Hip-hop and rap 

Snowballed the Melange in Broadway

This year witnessed a drastic change with 14 actors of colour being nominated for Broadway performance, and seven of them were Hamilton actors. A majority of musicals feature a white cast or one that encircles a specific group. Hamilton overwhelms its stage with the paraphernalia of races and ethnicities – a superior galvanic cast.

Admonishes Donald Trump’s Nationalism

With an array of actors of colour and prominence on numerous revolutionary war luminaries as immigrants, Hamilton puts forth a valued message to its audience. The countless individuals who made America monumental – cannot be restricted to a specific colour nor a particular country as the contributions of immigrants and people of colour remain significant in American history, which has been obliterated in the current political regime.

Now Let’s Talk About the Genius Behind This Box-office Hit

The mastermind is none other than the talented Lin- Manuel Miranda, of Puerto Rican descent. He has won several accolades, including a Pulitzer Prize, three Tony Awards, three Grammys, two Oliviers, and an Emmy. The creation of Hamilton was a consequence of Ron Chernow’s biography of the Founding Father on holiday. The book of the musical was his creation, and he also cast as the title character of Alexander Hamilton.

The musical depicts the story of a young and famished immigrant from the West Indies who metamorphosized into the exemplary American dream through a synergy of intellect and hard work. Miranda fashions an allegory for Hamilton by commemorating him as a sign of immigrant inclusiveness, emancipation, and meritocracy – a theatrical brilliance.

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