The Appetizing Moulin Rouge Musical

The Appetizing Moulin Rouge Musical

The musical has been adapted by John Logan and directed by Alex Timbers. The cast includes Les Miserables actor Aaron Tveit who plays the writer Christian, who is passionate about the gorgeous courtesan Satine, played by Karen Olivo. The brilliance of the movie is not discovered in the narrative. It was unearthed in its luxurious design that knowledge in popular music unfolds the heart and succours us to feel our intricate feelings.

In the scene where Christian and Satine profess their love for each other by exchanging snippets of song, just like in the movie – the upshot was the creation of magic for the soul. In the musical, the original soundtrack – Lady Marmalade, Your Son was updated with hits from Adele and Beyonce.

The film, which was created in 2001, scooped $180 million. However, 15 years later, Justine Levine, the music supervisor for the opulent novel Broadway adaptation of the movie, had to elucidate a creative quandary – the encounter between the villainous Duke of Monroth and heroine Satine. The magic bullet was the addition of “Sympathy for the Devil,” and this is how the Duke greets her.

Rouge Musical

The adaptation of Moulin Rouge can be described as a jukebox musical with a difference. The significant fact in the $28 million musical is music. The famous song from the movie “Lady Marmalade” is conferred even more prestige in the musical. The snappy songs in the musical present it with an offbeat and contemporary feel.

The most crucial question was how to retell the story of Christian and Satine. The recreation of their bohemian world of love, sex, and absinthe was a mammoth task. At the same time, the creators maintained a strong sense of ethos in divergence, as mimicking the movie was not their vision. The creation of their beast with an exclusive touch is the essence of this musical, unlike the common peril of many musicals being adapted from films. Tracks by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Lorde, Gnarls Barkley, and Adele are the extensive collection of songs in the musical.

Similar to the film, the plot of the musical is yet another unfortunate love story of incongruous lovers. The fancy about true love outshining antithetical social origins and personal destinies is alive to this moment if you want dazzle and delight and Catherine Zuber’s seductive costume and Derek Mclane’s flashy set and Sonya Tayeh’s lively choreography and a chorus of Bad Romance and Chandelier and a mammoth blue elephant – an extravagant elixir for the audience.

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