Reasons to Love Les Misérables

Reasons to Love Les Misérables

For the unseen, a curious case, for the skeptics, an overrated show, but for the enthusiasts, it’s an out of the world marvel in the hall of fame of musical theatres, and that is Les Miserables. Theatre people always loved the show. This fact is evident in the reappearance of the show in various forms in the span of time.

The music remains ethereal

If you’re a producer at any local theatre, you could surely try out hosting the show a day. For even the least musical of the lot would turn a music saga lover at these mellifluous songs. From ‘I dreamed a Dream’ to ‘Do you hear the people sing’ to many more had captured hearts of people.


Memorable characters

A great story is always played by great characters. From the redemption seeking protagonist Jean Valjean and the youthful Cosette to the villainous Inspector Javert to the comedies of Mr. & Mrs. Thenardier have all painted along with the storyline quite well.

Moving moments

Now don’t tell me you never shuddered in tears at the ‘I dreamed a Dream’ song earlier in the show or further still at the ‘On my own’ and further if you are of the stoics, you will drop a year or two at the end when Jean passes away and is joined with a grateful Fantine.

Hollywood may never replicate it in all its originality

The film adaptation of the show encompasses exceptional acting and singing but never replaces the feel at the live theatre- the theatergoers would vouch for the same. The plain fact that Hollywood can never move the show from stage to screen in itself is an unrefutable proof for its mastery.


Not too cheesy

For some, the Broadway musicals are simply enjoyable because of all the songs and dances. But for the others, it is more of a cheesy kind. Being of such a great plot with compelling characters and a meaningful message, the cheesy feeling is a faraway feeling.

The revolving stage

Of late, the national tours at Les Miz has opted for digital projection. But there’s nothing more amusing than the revolving stage. With 60 plus rotations on the humongous stage, the show was conducted smoothly, leaving the spectators always in awe and wonder.

Political relevance

Though the topic is highly controversial, the theme remains relevant. The growing dissatisfaction of the people to their government is depicted on stage. The show, therefore, mirrors how people view politics and their leaders.

Vive la France

My inner nativity wouldn’t allow me to make this point. But the show gives a great reason to celebrate the brighter days and things of France. There’s no better show that portrays the strength and utopianism of French society.

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